Aurenc Bebja

Albanian, Arbëresh or Arvanitase, Muslim or Christian, northern or southern, elite or popular, civic or mountainous, has not left foreigners indifferent with her traditional dress. In fact, she has often aroused curiosity with the uniqueness of her style. This is evidenced by numerous French, French-language magazines, newspapers and novels, where we find engravings and photographs dedicated to her, as follows:

Popular clothing of Albanian women (1782) / Jean Houel, Palazzo Adriano, Sicily

Albanian Beauty and Chateaubriand, Athens (1806)

On the terraces of Ohrid, Albania (1841) / R. Coton Woodville, magazine “Le Monde Illustré”

Albanian folk costumes by provinces and religious beliefs (1880) / Fortuné Louis Méaulle, Le Monde Illustré

Princess Mirditore / Jules – Marie Armand, Molteni (1897-1898)

Mirdita Woman / Jules – Marie Armand, Molteni (1897-1898)

Mirdita Mountaineer / Jules – Marie Armand, Molteni (1897-1898)

Albanian women at source (1912)

Albanian women in Macedonia (1916)

Tailoring course for Albanian Muslim women in Tirana (1919)